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Natural Lash Bundle

Natural Lash Bundle


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Natural Lash Bundle
Regular price $38.57 USD
Regular price $44.75 USD Sale price $38.57 USD
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  • Natural Style Lashes

  • Comfortably Wearable With Glasses

  • Curved Flexible Band For Easy Application

  • Lash glue not included

  • Cruelty-free and vegan


Shop our NEW Natural Lashes in one bundle and save up to 15%! There is something for everyone with this natural collection. Perfect for everyday looks, switching up your day to night look or adding a little drama to your date night look! Elevate any look with our NEW Natural Lashes. 

What's Included

Grace: Add some oomph to your everyday makeup with the gorgeous Grace lash. The natural style mimics the look of lash extensions, adding length and accentuating the eye, while the flexible band enables them to blend seamlessly against your real lashes. The cut and shape of the lashes make them perfect for wearing with glasses — ideal for elevating your workday look.

Allure: Lean into the clean girl aesthetic with our flawless Allure lashes. The natural half-lash style adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the eye, subtly creating drama and lift. The flexible band allows the lashes to blend seamlessly into your own lashes, accentuatingthe natural beauty of your face. Perfect for wearing to lunch, brunch, day trips and shopping sprees — all the errands of the off-duty It Girl.

Whisper: Go for all-day glam with our fabulous Whisper lash. This rounded, natural lash style is designed to add a hint of drama to any eye look — perfect for those who love to look their best at work and on a night out. The seamless band allows the lashes to blend in flawlessly with your real lashes, elevating the natural beauty of your eyes.

Angel Eyes: Say it all with your eyes — thanks to our stunning Angel Eyes lash style. The rounded, lightweight lash is designed to add length and volume to your natural eyelashes, making it easier to get what you want with the bat of an eyelid. The length of the lashes is perfect for flirty looks, adding a little drama to your date night makeup.

Divine: A busy girl needs a beautiful look that can keep up with her — enter our Divine lashes. The natural half-lash design elevates the eyes at the outer corner, with the alternating lash lengths blending in seamlessly with your natural lashes to create a flawless look that can take you from day to night. Wear to power lunches, upscale events, and everything in between.


● Natural-style lash
● Clear, flexible band for a seamless finish
● Comfortable and long-wearing