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Artistry Eye Brush Set

Artistry Eye Brush Set


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Artistry Eye Brush Set
Regular price $38.95 USD
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  • Usp Smooth Application

  • Versatile Brush Set

  • Five Precise Eye Brushes

  • Unique Super Soft Brush Fibres

  • Seamless Blending And Building

  • Cruelty-free and vegan


The Colour Trip Artistry Brush Set - crafted to cover all your eye-brush needs, this set of 5 super-soft, expertly crafted brushes are essential for creating any kind of eye look, from soft and subtle to bright and bold.


  • Small liner brush: perfect for detailed liner work and for creating more intricate looks. 
  • Small flat brush: designed for packing on colour and for carving flawless cut creases. 
  • Fluffy bullet brush: used for packing on colour more precisely and for meticulous blending. The perfect size for more detailed work and for smaller eyes.
  • Medium-sized blending brush: Designed to create a more precise and clear-cut blend.
  • Large blending brush: created for applying and blending eyeshadows at the same time. Super-soft bristles to allow for an even blend.