The course will last a full week commencing on October 26th, once the tutorials are live you can watch them at your leisure. Learn all of Keilidh's tips, tricks and techniques with a detailed course for each look. It will cover a lot of creative techniques that you can apply to any look, such as how to work with cream paints, watercolours, how to create 3D shading, how to block eyebrows and so much more!

Freak Week Course Ticket


Join the Freak Week Course, get 3 in-depth creative Make-Up Lessons with Keilidh for 3 Halloween looks!

Taking you from the beginning to end - showing how concepts are imagined, created and delivered with an insight to creating TikToks & reels with your looks!

Throughout the course, your looks could feature on Keilidh's Instagram stories etc.At the end of the course, you will receive a certification of completion.

If anyone took part in this course before you know the creative, inspiring community it creates!

You will receive your ticket in an email once purchased

Ticket Cost €29.99

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Full Colour Trip Collection & Ticket


1 X Ticket to the Freak Week Course

1 X Full Colour Trip Collection (RRP €84.95)!

1. Colour Trip Palette
Range of 20 highly-pigmented shadows spanning the entire colour spectrum as well as 10 water-activated eyeliners in complementary colours

2. Colour Trip Brush Set
Containing 5 detailed and expertly crafted eyeshadow brushes topped with super-soft bristles

3. Colour Trip Lashes
Set of ultra-dramatic faux-mink eyelashes designed to enhance any look

4. Colour Trip Sculpting Sponge
Super-soft beauty blender sculpted to blend every angle of the face, available in a black-and-purple marble design

Bundle Cost €79.95

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Freak Week Course is back! You all know this is my favourite time of year, I get to share it with you all creating Halloween looks and sharing all of my tips & tricks. I love to create a really fun creative community, where we support and help each other! I cannot wait to start, you ready to get FREAKY?