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Secret Treasure Palette

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Secret Treasure - Palette is a must-have palette that features nine distinct eyeshadows inspired by the adventure and glimmer of a sunken treasure chest overflowing with riches. A mix of shimmering coppers, matte browns, and glistening golds.

The sun-kissed, golden-toned browns are versatile and perfect for creating subtle day looks as well as smokey, grunge-style night looks, as seen in Vogue.

    • Matte, shimmer and glitter formulas

    • Blends effortlessly

    • Richly pigmented formula

    • 100% Cruelty-free

    • Vegan friendly

Gemstone: Champagne toned pressed glitter. Perfect for highlighting the inner eye corner, brow bone or skin. Best applied with a wet, flat brush or fingertips. 

Script: This golden, sandy matte lends itself to a solid, all-over lid look. It works well for a subtle day eye or as a base for a more dramatic look. 

Burnt: This matte shade is a deep, ochre-toned gold, perfect for blending into the skin and creating flawless eyes. 

Fade: A true neutral matte brown that is ultra-versatile and ideal for an all-over smokey eye.

Treasure: Take your look to the next level with this shimmering, yellow-gold pressed glitter. The shade is inspired by precious treasure and is best applied via fingertip or wet, flat brush. 

Tomb: A warm, rich chocolate brown matte shade that is perfect for deepening the outer corner of the eye. It can also be used to create a smatter of faux-freckles for a sun-kissed face. 

Tarnish: A duo-toned metallic shadow created using luxe golden bronze hues. Best applied using a fingertip or a wet, flat brush.

Wreck: A deep, delicious chocolate brown matte shadow that is p erfect for deepening and defining any eye look. The shade is uber-smoky and buildable.

Forbidden: This matte black shade is designed to bring the smoke and smoulder to any look. The shadow is super-buildable and easily blended.