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Liquid Silk & Sponge

Liquid Silk & Sponge


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Liquid Silk

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Liquid Silk & Sponge
Regular price $27.95 USD
Regular price $33.90 USD Sale price $27.95 USD
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    Pair the popular Body & Face Illuminator Liquid Silk with the super soft Sculpting Sponge with over 20% OFF!


    Liquid silk 

    Champagne Glaze: Our original Liquid Silk shade. Perfect for lighter skin tones.

    Gold Drop: Our golden shade of Liquid Silk. Perfect for medium/dark skin tones.

    Liquid Silk is a versatile face and body illuminator. What makes Liquid Silk different is that it dries down to a matte formula, giving the glow without the stickiness. It gives glow to the skin without feeling greasy. It also has a slight base colour to it, which helps to smoothen and perfect the skin, which works especially well over fake tan!

    *Shake before use. 

    The Sculpting Sponge
    Our Sculpting Sponge allows for perfect application and seamless blending of all cream products.

    Use the rounded side to quickly and seamlessly blend out your product across your face. Use the flat edge for those hard-to-reach areas and for precise application.
    It can also be used for powdering under the eyes or for baking.


    It is recommended that you replace your Sculpt Sponge every 3-6 months for both performance and hygienic reasons. 


    • Flawless Finish
    • Blends effortlessly
    • Vegan
    • Cruelty-Free
    • Flawless Finish
    • Blends effortlessly
    • Highly pigmented formula
    • Super Creamy

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