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New Launch

Blush, Bronze & Blend

Blush, Bronze & Blend


Are you ready for glazed, radiant, sun-kissed? Blush, Bronze and Blend is perfect for achieving a plump and hydrated look every time. Pick your favourite Skin Glaze Blusher and Bronzers and contains our exclusive Sculpting Sponge.
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Skin Glaze Blusher - Peach Paradise
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Skin Glaze Bronzer - Soft Sol

9 shades available

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Blush, Bronze & Blend
Regular price $46.95 USD
Regular price Sale price $46.95 USD


  • New Launch

  • Glazed Skin

  • Radiant Skin

  • Plump And Hydrated Skin

  • Summer Skin

What's Included: 

Sculpt Sponge: Our Sculpting Sponge allows for perfect application and seamless blending of all cream products.
Use the rounded side to quickly and seamlessly blend out your product across your face. Use the flat edge for those hard-to-reach areas and for precise application.
It can also be used for powdering under the eyes or for baking. 

Gold Beam Skin Glaze: Gold Beam provides a gorgeous sunbeam-glow, creating the most perfect summer-glazed skin for every occasion. Its moisturising, glossy finish allows for it to melt into the skin, giving a refreshed and plump look to the face. Apply to the high points of the face using our sculpting sponge for a natural, flawless finish.

Skin Glaze Blusher Shades: 

  •  Peach Paradise - This lush liquid blusher is a peachy-nude shade and is designed to add a gorgeous coral glaze to the skin, illuminating and freshening up your appearance. 
  • Malibu Dreamin' - Perfect for sunny day looks, this candy-pink shade adds a muted, sleek glaze to the skin, creating a fresh, youthful look.
  • Sinful Summer - Indulge your wild side with the KASH Beauty Skin Glaze in shade Sinful Summer. A lush, dramatic shade of hot pink, the liquid illuminator adds a stunning glaze to the skin, drawing the eye and creating vibrance. 
  • Rose Quartz - Adds a touch of pink to the cheeks for perfectly glazed skin.

  • Lumi Rouge - Adds a pop of colour to the skin with its warm red tone and light reflects.

Skin Glaze Bronzer Shades: 

  • Soft Sol - Salute the sun with the KASH Beauty Skin Glaze in shade Soft Sol. This neutral bronze shade is designed to complement fair- and light-toned skin, creating a light, luminous, sun-kissed glow.
  • Honey Bronze - Get glowing with the KASH Beauty Skin Glaze in shade Honey Bronze. This warm bronze liquid highlighter is ideal for light- to medium-toned skin, creating depth and radiance all at once.
  • Desert Dusk - Kiss the sun with the KASH Beauty Skin Glaze in shade Desert Dusk. This rich bronze shade is designed to complement medium skin tones and will pair well with your tan all summer.
  • Deep Truffle - Embrace your inner sun goddess with the KASH Beauty Skin Glaze in shade Deep Truffle. This rich, indulgent shade of bronze is designed to complement deep skin tones, creating luminance and sheen.